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Dear Self: Read this when you want a drink

Dear Self, If you're reading this I assume you are struggling because you want a drink.  Maybe you want one because you are stressed.  Maybe you want one because you are happy.  But, either way you are trying to quiet that voice inside your head, the one that says you can, or should, drink.  You … Continue reading Dear Self: Read this when you want a drink


As many of you know, I am and always have been a highly independent person. Dealing with this shoulder issue makes that even more difficult, especially when it's my dominant shoulder. The latest news is that it's very possible that it may need surgery. Yesterday, I was on the phone with my mother in law … Continue reading Independent

I know you hear me..

"I know you hear me, but are you listening?" She sat and said in her mind. As the day passed and she played the daily events.  This isn't the first time shes asked herself this question.  People will often say, "Yes, I heard you," or "Yes, I can hear you."  But, the real question we … Continue reading I know you hear me..

The House of Wolves

James Patterson never stops at surprises. House of Wolves meets Yellowstone. A former football teacher who runs the San Francisco Tribute and Pro Football. All while trying to solve her dads murder or is she? Excellent storyline that keeps you guessing. The football story was a good twist to the typical murder mystery in the … Continue reading The House of Wolves

Non- attachment vs. Detachment

I'm really trying to work on the two. I am so afraid of not being able to decipher the two or that non-attachment will lead to detachment. Detachment scares me. I have detached before. To the point that I finally just stopped caring. I finally just gave up and threw everything in the 'fuck it … Continue reading Non- attachment vs. Detachment

The Terminal List by Jack Carr

If you are into action thriller type books, I would recommend this one. I was looking for a new book/author as I typically read James Patterson and am more of a murder/mystery reader, but this came up as recommended. It's part of a box set, which I bought. The other books are True Believer & … Continue reading The Terminal List by Jack Carr

Clearer mind..

It's strange.. with stopping drinking, I can say this.  Many things are becoming clearer. Where do I start? Let's start with. it's day 47! Everything seems clearer each day in my mind. Each morning, my thoughts are clearer, and I can remember actually falling asleep each night. I remember things I say, and I am more … Continue reading Clearer mind..

How to deepen intimacy in your marriage

A reblog: of a good find on my pintrest feed.. I do not own these rights. https://mommywithahobbyortwo.com/deepen-intimacy-in-marriage/ Are you and your partner yearning for a stable, happy, and long-lasting marriage relationship? Well, there is a chance that you can revive the romance spark and live happily ever after. Choose a befitting solution to your marital … Continue reading How to deepen intimacy in your marriage

Reflecting on 2022

I wrote this a few weeks ago, but now I am redoing it.. to focus back on last year and reflect. Highlights and successes mainly. In the past years, they have always been more valleys than peaks, this year has been more peaks. While nothing really seems 'normal' since all this Covid crap its a … Continue reading Reflecting on 2022