A mind of thoughts

I lay here in bed wishing I was at my husbands hockey game, I love watching him play hockey.  (I mean.. who doesn't love a hockey players butt, and he knows how to puck! 😍) I love watching him do anything and being a part of anything he and his daughter do in our lives.  … Continue reading A mind of thoughts

Mental Health Awareness Week

You are not alone I can not stress this enough and it was the best thing I learned and finally owned after my suicide attempt in 2012. While for so long I blamed myself, faulted myself, beat myself up and thought there was so much wrong with me and only me, I realized that it … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week

The walls come tumbling down

Its the pressure and tightness in the chest. The nauseated feeling in the throat.  The headache.  The overwhelming feelings.  The aloneness. The worry.  The not wanting or not being able to speak because your tounge is slightly numb feeling. Its Anxiety.  It conaumes you and even more so as soon as you stop what you … Continue reading The walls come tumbling down