Always kiss goodnight..

"Always kiss me goodnight" its a sign and phrase you see just about everywhere. Some hang it just to hang it, I think, because it is so much of a phrase thats seen and bought for and by loved ones. Its become much of a of a clich√©, at which point some may just say … Continue reading Always kiss goodnight..

What’s in a hug?

Hugs provide so many things in a persons life and day to day. You never realize just how far one simple gesture can go or make a person feel. Hugs reduce stress by comforting in times of help. Hugs work as instant mood lifters and make you happier. Hugs lessen pain in difficult times. Hugs … Continue reading What’s in a hug?

Just be yourself..

"Just be yourself" words she always hears over and over. "Stop trying so hard" words she hears again and again. But what people don't understand, she is being herself, and shes not trying. The things she does are genuine nature of love and giving. It is infact, who she is. The person that gives her … Continue reading Just be yourself..

In a nuts shell..

Often when a person gets depressed they go into a 'shell' or will isolate.¬† This tends to be because they are afraid of being hurt, rejected, abandonded due to their depression, or of hurting others due to the way they are feeling and too have shamed themself into isolation by the depressive disorder. They want … Continue reading In a nuts shell..