Is it really okay..

They say its okay to not be okay. But, in reality, is it? Is it okay to have such negative thoughts? To feel unloved. To feel like you HAVE to avoid everyone and everything? To feel like your own partner dislikes you, however untrue that may be, you just get a negative feeling and vibe. … Continue reading Is it really okay..

Mental Health: Mute moods

Some days We just get tired of filling buckets that feel like they are are leaking from the inside.. lies or broken promises and excuses, be it with jobs, life. Whether juggling happiness, chores, giving, being, going, waiting ect.. life is always testing in some way, always testing our strength. And some days, we to … Continue reading Mental Health: Mute moods

To all of you mothers, embase the day and all you have done.

Happy Mothers Day to all Whether you are a mom to be, a mom, a step mom, a fur baby mom or an adoptive mom.. you are a mom. You have helped raise a child. And while every day should be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents day.. you deserve A Day! There has never been … Continue reading To all of you mothers, embase the day and all you have done.

You don’t know everyone’s story

You don't know their stories or what weighs on his or her shoulders every day. You just know you see their strengths or weaknesses and how they carry them self and cares for others or continue on with all their might. You just know that everyday they wake up and they love. They love their … Continue reading You don’t know everyone’s story