If only that was an option!Some days I am just tired of being tired and/or not feeling well and pushing through, other days I tell myself "I have made it through 100% of all bad days and 'I got this'." It always seems to be something, but I guess that's life, and everyday trying to … Continue reading Meh

Just want everything to disappear

Where do I begin? For the past Month I have been dealing with pain. Stomach, back, typical headaches, and before all that Iron level issues. I don't want to eat, I don't sleep well, and I am just overly stressed out. After an ER visit for the stomach to be sure it wasn't my appendix, … Continue reading Just want everything to disappear

She hates the word hate, but it’s suitable

She hates when she feels this way. Just down.  She's hates when her minds racing and it won't stop. It's the feeling of being so alone in her thoughts and feelings that even if she could put them in any more words than she already has, that it would still seem unexplained. It would still … Continue reading She hates the word hate, but it’s suitable