Hi my name is…

Hi my name is Dana and I'm imperfect... is that a group? 🤣 I think maybe it used to be because I can finally accept it where I always had a hard time. And I am okay with it. I sit here thinking... waaayyyy to much, it's all I have had to do all week … Continue reading Hi my name is…

Whats your favorite Holiday?

Some say Halloween, Some say Chrismas, Some say Thanksgiving, Some even say Valentines Day. Christmas has not been my favorite for over 25 years, for personal reasons, but It was always one of my dad's favorite holidays, and in many wahs there are things I should appreciate it for as well. The meaning of Christmas … Continue reading Whats your favorite Holiday?

Someone who freely shares feelings

Are you someone who freely shares your feelings? Do you do so and then get those feelings hurt? If you are, you can understand how much it sucks! How much you wish you could just turn it all off. Just become cold. I was never this person. But then it became 'safe'. It seem okay … Continue reading Someone who freely shares feelings

All she ever wanted..

All she ever wanted was ..... to help and love those around her. ..... feel that same love in return. ..... to not anger everyone...... to give the best of herself. ..... to not disgust those around her. ..... to not just be heard but to feel like someone was listening. ..... to be understood. … Continue reading All she ever wanted..