When it clicks..

Sometimes Facebook memories aren't so bad. This came up on my feed today, something I posted 6 years ago. ‐--‐--‐‐--‐------------‐-----------‐--------------------- Someone I know wrote this and I thought I'd share: "There comes a point in your life where one day it just clicks… you realize what’s important and what isn’t. Everything won't all make sense, … Continue reading When it clicks..

This Is How You Really Love Someone Through Depression

This was great, well written and hit spot on right in the feels. As if all the crying the last 18 hours wasn't enough, it hit the tear ducts again. Letting people in is hard, but most of all scary. trying to explain is even harder. When they choose to let you in that close, … Continue reading This Is How You Really Love Someone Through Depression

Our own worst enemies

I guess sometime even our best of intentions. Our best qualities become our own worst enemies. I am a hard worker, a hard loving person. I give all to my job. All to those I love.  I work hard. I love hard.  I am always doing for both.  Sometimes burning the candle at both ends … Continue reading Our own worst enemies