Two lovers engaged in foreplay. A touch of fingers on your skin. Opening channels of connection. Begging for more. Needs, emotions, desires. The intimate closeness. Every inch of your body screams. Heart racing. Trust opening. Raw and honest connections. Open and present feelings. Tension-reducing, body relaxing. Mental & physical orgasms. All the releases in your … Continue reading Intimacy

Is Sex important in a relationship?

I did not write this and do not own rights to it. It was just a good relationship read I came across and thought I would share for wordpressers alike who like to read on improving. While I have my thoughts on the topic, and will keep it short.. as far as yes it's important … Continue reading Is Sex important in a relationship?

Just feeling sorry for yourself

What do you do when all you are trying to do is balance things. To do right in everyone's eyes to be told to stop feeling sorry for yourself? How is such an unselfish act.. selfish? What do you do from here? Stop trying to make sure everyone is happy and balanced? Stop being yourself? … Continue reading Just feeling sorry for yourself

Are you enough, or are you to much?

When you battle depression and anxiety two questions that alternate in your mind are "Am I enough?" And "Am I to much?" "Am I enough?" You are your hardest critic, no matter what you do, no matter what you say and no matter who you are, you always feel your doing it wrong or not … Continue reading Are you enough, or are you to much?

Unhappy, Depression or just plain burned out..

I hate the feeling whatever it is.  I can't get motivated to do much other than sit and think with racing thoughts of everything going on, in constant worry for the worst to happen in what IS good in life.  I can sit and write a blog about the love of my life and love … Continue reading Unhappy, Depression or just plain burned out..

More than a memory

Sometimes I love Facebook memories, sometimes I hate them. Today a memory appeared from this day last year, only a couple weeks after restarting antidepressants again. My weight was okay, since then with added medication, stress and so on.. not so much. I saw the post and wanted to cry. I don't know why it … Continue reading More than a memory