1st & 10

And I am not talking Michigan or Lions football.... I will say this is the first year in 10.  And I don't mean in football.  This is the first year in 10 that Thanksgiving did not completely mess with me and bring me down.   I missed dad but I was very mindful of my fiance … Continue reading 1st & 10

Happy Thanksgiving

This year I don't want to do the typical cliche of Thanksgiving. While I am definitely thankful for my family, my fiance and his family, my friends and coworkers, and all things in life. This year I am thankful for life, every breath I take. Looking back on the years this past couple years I … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Empathy, selflessness and sensitivness.

If you take the time to know me, you will know and see that I am a person with a big heart. I am caring, empathetic and sensitive. All of which tend to be a vice of mine. No matter how strong willed I try to always end up wearing a heart on my sleeve, … Continue reading Empathy, selflessness and sensitivness.