Words to live by

You can't pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first. I am the worst about it. I have always been a very selfless person when it comes to my own needs,, wants, desires.. I make sure everyone who means the most to me is taken care of the best to my ability. No … Continue reading Words to live by

When you feel like you need to cry but can’t..

Some would think when depression sets in it all blues and sadness, emotions over flowing and so on. This is not always true. Today has been a day where I feel depressed, Like I need to cry but can't. I can't place the need. Can't place the emotions. Aside from more weird dreams last night … Continue reading When you feel like you need to cry but can’t..

Low-Esteem, Stress and every day life (During the pandemic)

I know I am not alone when I say the world, the day to day life, and the stress levels have soared since March of 2020. Financial situations are soaring with the cost of living being from home, grocery bills are on the rise, And.. well.. the cabin fever is setting in for all. In … Continue reading Low-Esteem, Stress and every day life (During the pandemic)

Happy Saturday, quarantine Day 666?

Hope everyone is doing well and healthy and safe. And if you are in Texas I pray none of you have melted.. haha. Yesterday was procedure 2 of my MUA's. I assume it went well, nothing broke and I woke up! The best part of it is during the day I get extra sleep that … Continue reading Happy Saturday, quarantine Day 666?

Beautiful find.. Not Broken

Me: Hello God.God: Hello…Me: I'm falling apart. Can you put me back together?God: I'd rather not.Me: Why?God: Because you're not a puzzle.Me: What about all the pieces of my life that fall to the ground?God: Leave them there for a while. They fell for a reason. Let them be there for a while and then … Continue reading Beautiful find.. Not Broken