My mom informed me her blood pressure has been off. So last night she made an appointment and was scheduled for the cardiologist first thing this morning. She had a heart attack about 6 years ago. Stents were placed. As most of you know I lost my dad to a heart attack. Her heart rate … Continue reading Hearts..

When you love someone..

When you find that someone that you love and find yourself doing nothing but hoping to spend the rest of your life with, you begin to learn more about not only them but yourself.  You learn more about how to communicate. You also learn that NOTHING in life, and I mean NOTHING is ever going … Continue reading When you love someone..

Which way does it go..

We were watching Stranger things, season one with the kiddo, the other night and a magazine came across from the 80’s and I caught myself saying.. that was a real magazine! Whatever happened to them, now it’s tabloids and cooking. Home and garden. Things people clip and keep. Today’s society, ways and so forth are … Continue reading Which way does it go..