The push

The push is exhausting. Being strong when you feel weak is exhausting. When you battle depression it can hit by circumstance or for no reason at all. It’s the coping that gets you through. How do I cope. I tell my self I am okay. Maybe I stay in denial until denial is defeated. Who … Continue reading The push

Know your place

It’s always hard to figure out you place as a step parent or in a supportive role in a child’s life who has divided households and parents. Especially when you are living with one of them. The child sees you as ‘not their parent’, The parent sees you as someone who they trust to help … Continue reading Know your place

I love ‘Our’ time..

This weekend was a much needed weekend of just quality time spent. I love our time together, whether it’s doing something, or doing nothing. Saturday we had a chill day, up early, had breakfast, reading our books, together. Watching his college Football came, relaxing and taking care of the pup. Sunday we were up early … Continue reading I love ‘Our’ time..


Some days are hard.. being positive on life, on your job, on the things going on around you.. but you look at those around you, you look at those you love and you see that they need you. They need you to be positive for them. So you take all your troubles, all your worries, … Continue reading Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious