From the outside..

I know to the average reader, my blogs are all over the place. One may be thinking, is she happy? Sad? Anxious? A blonde? Well let me tell you, it is a dirty blonde and more of a dark blonde, light brown under the hair dye and sun bleaching. So, now you have your answer! … Continue reading From the outside..

5 Ways To Ensure Your Woman Feel Loved

5 Ways To Ensure Your Woman Feel Loved — Read on I love this place to go read short blogs. This one though. ❤️ Not all woman need to be given flowers and gifts.. it's the small more memorable things that have meaning.

“I like your last name, can I have it?”

I think I have gone stupid.. I find myself many times sitting here with a smile staring into outer space, as I think about the man in my life. Smirking like a goofy Junior High girl with her first so called 'boyfriend', smitten in love. Don't know why I have been so sappy and affectionate. … Continue reading “I like your last name, can I have it?”

Take a little piece of my heart

A little part of my heart numbed today. When you hear that your boyfriends daughter feels that you are the reason for his 'unhealthy' choices in life. The reason he smokes and drinks. While, yes, I can see where she gets it, I guess. Maybe his ex’s didn’t do so, and I do. But, he … Continue reading Take a little piece of my heart

Bruce Willis Ruins All Films..

No.. it’s actually. B.W.R.A.F, a pre-dive check. BCD, Weights, Release, Air, Final Check. What is my newest adventure you ask.. life isn’t ALL anxiety and chaos... Nope... there’s been some adventure.. So, 2 weekends ago Naomi and I started the Open water dive certification process.. and let’s be honest.. I don’t mind a pool. I … Continue reading Bruce Willis Ruins All Films..

Feel Be-YOU-tiful

When you are feeling down.. when you are feeling high.. when you are feeling whatever, always feel beautiful.. and no matter what your surroundings make you feel always feel beautiful always feel like a butterfly. And no matter if no one makes you feel so know you are so.. See yourself as so.. make memories … Continue reading Feel Be-YOU-tiful

When your feeling low

When she felt down or depressed, was when she felt most alone.  Not necessarily because she was alone at this very moment in life, but because she was so used to being alone in previous times. So she learned to fight through it with her as her strength.   She got tired after so many years. … Continue reading When your feeling low

Making memories of ‘us’

A year ago we were in Las Vegas doing the unthinkable... no not that... we were off seeing Helloween. This year at the exact same time we spent the weekend starting off the Open water Divers certification with is Daughter. While he is already certified he did it as a refresher. This is all to … Continue reading Making memories of ‘us’

Once again.. F’ Cancer.. RIP babygirl

Many of you may remember the blog from the young girl I worked with a while back at my part time job. She was suicidal and depressed. I gave her a stone. Took her under my wing as my little sister. She later broke off the friendship because she was getting feelings for my at … Continue reading Once again.. F’ Cancer.. RIP babygirl