She promised..

She promised she would not run, for she was a runner that was what she did.. but this time she knew this was love, real love. Not a word, not forcing herself to believe. This was you are going to work and it is going to work kind of love. No matter what it took. … Continue reading She promised..

When you feel like we’ll..

You spent day encouraging.. hell.. all week.. weeks even,.. building everyone around you up while everything in your life either leaves you where you stand or beats you down. And this doesn't go with one instance. It's your job, it's your family, it's your partner, it's your friends, it's your coworkers, it's even yourself! And … Continue reading When you feel like we’ll..

Find that Happy place…

They say there is no better time than the present to break the cycle... Unfortunately, however life can get overwhelming and we carry over hangups and disappointments that are going on. Life gets in the way, or we are struggling with other things. And this is when we need to remind ourselves to stop, breathe … Continue reading Find that Happy place…

Concealed depression

15 real habits of people with concealed depression 15 Habits of people with concealed depression I debated on sharing this when I read it a couple nights ago, as we came up on 5 years since Robin Williams took his life that humored us all. He was a favorite of mine and even one I … Continue reading Concealed depression

Hello blog stalk.. erm followers..

It's been a while, life kinda got in the way.. So I have thrown in some reblogs here and there and tried to look active and well that don't work out. (And I kid, My lady stalker who goes unnamed your not a complete stalker, or are you? You do still have MySpace pictures of … Continue reading Hello blog stalk.. erm followers..

The problems with depression and anxiety

The problem with depression and anxiety: There are many to be told about and this could be a continuous topic that goes on for years. Those who suffer it will probably shake their heads in agreement. Those who deal with loved ones who suffer from it may 'get it'. While those who have never encountered … Continue reading The problems with depression and anxiety

Feeling unimportant..

Why do we sometimes feel unimportant? Is it something within ourselves? Is it something with the way we are feeling from the people around us? This is where observing your thinking comes in. Sometimes, it is a matter of how we feel within ourselves, but sometimes it truly is because of those around us. We … Continue reading Feeling unimportant..