You can only go so long..

Trying to convince yourself of things.. trying to tell yourself everything is okay.. trying to tell yourself you are only in your own head.. trying to avoid what you see before your own eyes.. but what good comes from masking anything.. what good comes from not fixing the obvious?

Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals have become more of just a hashtag in today's day in age, but personally I think in a genuine relationship they should be far more than that. Whether you are starting out in a new relationship or you are getting ready to make a lifetime commitment to another person its worth reflecting on … Continue reading Relationship Goals

I’ve tried, tried, tried..

I've tried, tried, tried, and i’ve tried even more I've cried, cried, cried, and I can't recall what for I’ve pressed, i've pushed, i've yelled, i've begged In hopes of some success But the inevitable fact is that it never will impress! I've no more fucks to give My fucks have run adry I've tried … Continue reading I’ve tried, tried, tried..