Relationships are all about balance. They are about Give and Take, on a healthy level. Its about compromising for each other but not losing yourself in the process. Its giving to each other in an equal amount and taking in an equal amount. No one person should feel like they are doing all the work. … Continue reading Balance..

It’s that four letter word..

It's that four letter word that makes everything perfect. Love. Not just to be loved but to give it. Whether it be to your S.O, your pets, your kids, your family. Love, much like hate, is a powerful, yet small word. When you can love, and be loved all together it is pure bliss. It's … Continue reading It’s that four letter word..

Perfect is not okay, imperfections are?

When was the last time I finished a book in less than 24 hours? Yes even one only 166 pages... it's been a long time. Until Yesterday/today. When I realized if I don't change me and some unhealthy habits it's going to destroy all that I love. First being myself. As I got to a … Continue reading Perfect is not okay, imperfections are?

What is Romance?

Romance is more than just affectionate actions. Romance is a relationship between two people who are in love. Its the kind words and caring for each other. It's the emotional feelings that can not be expressed in actions. Its both passionate and compassionate. Its more than a courtship in a relationship. It's the bond to … Continue reading What is Romance?