RIP my dear friend

7 years ago today and you still cross my mind. I was actually talking about you just a couple weeks ago around the anniversary of my dad passing. You are loved and missed, Flash, My metal Brother from another Mother.

A Little Corner of Sanity

183037_193475234005995_170725899614262_558864_3139186_n1-e1298863416989My dearest, Chris, Aka Flash, You left us all so suddenly.  I remember the night all so well.  It seems like just yesterday. We put on a showcase at Pitchers with 3 bands.  Gloria Sweet played along with Colespy and Slow to the Cause.  This was the night I met Kelly of American ritual and his wife, Sara. I was still dealing with being pretty sick so I didn’t stay until close but I stayed a good majority of the night. I called worried about him as it got late and spoke to you as you guys were finishing up. You always kept me calm and took care of me when I was there. 190253_194262360593949_385493_n Made sure I stayed warm and comfortable the whole time I was sick but still doing the promoter thing no matter what.   Stephen came home at his usual, close to 3-am and had called as…

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Different kinds of Love

There are many different kinds of love, and I don't think you can really label them until you have experienced them. Until your emotions have been through them. 1. The Fairy Tale Love We grew up watching this type of love on movie screens, in TV shows, and hearing bedtime stories of the prince and … Continue reading Different kinds of Love