That's me.. It was a great weekend Saturday supporting the Beauty Unites Concert and getting just two rows from the stage to see Cole Swindell, Jake Owen, Demi Lovato and The Band Perry.  All While I gave Johnny and his wife Deb my 4 free tickets to the concert.  But you know I don't stop … Continue reading Verstile

Someday Im going to wake up

In the arms of someone, and it will be a fairytale... love, safe, biss, happily ever after.. and thats all.. I will really still be sleeping and its all a dream, because that shits whack!  ha  I hope to find the happy timess to share with someone.  Someone to give me a reason to not … Continue reading Someday Im going to wake up

I Dated A Manipulator & It Nearly Ruined Me

This hit close to home, so much truth.  Ladies beware of the signs! I Dated A Manipulator & It Nearly Ruined Me By Jordan White He was an unpredictable liar with serious entitlement and control issues, but for some reason, I loved him. I couldn’t help the way I felt — trust me, I tried. … Continue reading I Dated A Manipulator & It Nearly Ruined Me

Im low maintenance, but..

I’m Low Maintenance, But If You Won’t Do These 11 Things For Me, I’m Out Just because I’m a low-maintenance girlfriend who’s chill AF and doesn’t demand lots of things, that doesn’t mean you can just slack off. As my boyfriend, I expect you to at least do these things — otherwise, you risk losing … Continue reading Im low maintenance, but..

The More Effort He Puts Into These 11 Things…

So much truth!!! The More Effort He Puts Into These 11 Things, The More Likely It Is The Relationship Will Last By Jordan White Most people put effort into wooing their crush when they’re in the beginning stages of a relationship or situationship, but once things get a little more comfortable, it’s not uncommon for … Continue reading The More Effort He Puts Into These 11 Things…

If I ever wrote a singles bio

What would it read? Yeah Im bored and cant sleep. What is there to say? A lot I suppose and I may ramble, sorry 😐 I tend to say things better non-verbally because I can process. I have a great, sometimes dry, sense of humor, witty and know how to laugh at myself. I will … Continue reading If I ever wrote a singles bio

Quiet time

I sit here.. its my quiet time. Gordie andI lay onthe bed, he chews his bone and occasionally nips at my face.  My music plays in the background.  Its peaceful. I am not worrying about anything.  After stressing my day away on things like work, how many days/hours left ofcommunity service, and anything else. I … Continue reading Quiet time

A ramble of words on Love, self love.. 

I wrote this blog on August 25, 2015.. I just happened to stumble across it.  And its just a simple reminder that I needed to stumble across.  I almost stepped into some feelings again, the guy luckily pushed me away first, I let him near something dearest to my world, my niece. And I feel … Continue reading A ramble of words on Love, self love..