Hope & Thanks

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I'm back home safe and sound after thinking I may have been stuck in Missouri another day due to the temp drop and rain. My kitties missed me. A good visit, as I have not seen my mom since last Thanksgiving.    Went today and got my glasses, … Continue reading Hope & Thanks

My fears

I have none.  As I go through opening up blogs I came across the below.  Funny how we grow. Because now, I don't fear these things.  I don't fear much of anything accept death Ironically. I am a fearless warrior! —————————————————— So many fears fill me... Abandonment or withdrawl from those I need the most … Continue reading My fears

Depression and relationships

Depression sets relationship traps for both partners. Everything can change quickly between two people, and it’s crucial to be able to spot these changes as soon as possible. Here are 11 signs of the illness that seem perfectly designed to undo the bonds of closeness. Humor, talking and doing things together, sharing special moments – … Continue reading Depression and relationships

Wolverines get ChadTough

What a game today ending after 2 over-times. Wolverines pulled out from under and took the win to upset Indiana, 48-41.  For the Wolverines, it was a record day. Rudock finished 33 of 46 with 440 yards and six scores, breaking the previous school record of four. He also kept drives alive with his feet, … Continue reading Wolverines get ChadTough

The Pittsburgh Canadians!!!

Yep, It is Wednesday Night Rivalry!  And no its not the Pittsburgh Canadiens.. but If any of you read my blog a while back you will know that came from a joke of a friend saying, "I thought you were from Michigan, not Detroit"  So now, everything is something strange.  Like Detroit, Kansas.. Oklahoma City, … Continue reading The Pittsburgh Canadians!!!

She sat upon the stair

Tears rolled down her face Like rain on a window pane. It was just another ordinary day. as she sit alone on the top stair. The feeling of warmth and yet the feeling of a numbness. She's put herself and her heart In a spot to shut down and not care. A state to protect … Continue reading She sat upon the stair