When life hands me lemons..

  I ask for limes because they taste better in my Michalob Ultra.  Thursday I went to the dentist for my follow up to my already $1200 visit to get my permanent crown and follow up cleaning. As they finish up they proceed to tell me that I had two more old fillings that need … Continue reading When life hands me lemons..

Bad Call Brick – World Series Game 2

I threw myself the bad call brick, Last night! I picked the wrong game to bet on finally. The Royals took the game, 7-1. Cueto was on his game, Pitching like he did with the Astros. The Royals were off and running, and they took the 4-1 lead. From there they continued to keep their … Continue reading Bad Call Brick – World Series Game 2


I have been convinced.. It has been said to me enough. I am writing a book. 🙂   It is a great feeling to know I have already helped so many. That So many are interested in the story I have to tell of life, survival, strength. That I have started my bullet point list to … Continue reading Big BREAKING NEWS..

Another new hobby…

So, maybe its the nerd coming out in me.  As if I am not already completely wrapped up in sports and the world can't find me outside of that.  I have found something else to do in my other 'spare' time.  In between sentences of blogging of course.  Maybe not so much a hobby, but … Continue reading Another new hobby…

10/21/15 – Wednesay Night Rivalry – Bruins Vs. Flyers

I have my Wednesday posts back for the Wednesday night Rivalry!  I am excited!! I will try to keep links to the team's and players in each article as I can that will link to at least the NHL site for everyone. Tonight's face-off is the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers.  The Flyers have … Continue reading 10/21/15 – Wednesay Night Rivalry – Bruins Vs. Flyers

Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover

A quote from a favorite show of mine: We become who we are.  We can't judge a book by its cover.. but you can by its first few chapters and most certainly by its last. ~Reddington To me that is a very true and clever statement.  Don't ever judge someone by first appearance.  But also, … Continue reading Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Still supporting the Big Blue.

Only a college football rivalry game can end with this kind of chaos. With 10 seconds left in regulation and Michigan facing fourth down, all punter Blake O'Neill had to do was kick the ball down the field to essentially end the game barring a crazy Hail Mary play by the Spartans. Uh... oops. Michigan … Continue reading Still supporting the Big Blue.


That word describes SO many things.. ha-ha. but lets start with my head.. Okay, so that could go in may directions too!  SMH.  There really is no safe way to start this blog.  It's oh so complicated.... complicated.... Annnnyyyyhow.. my neurologist is calling all the stuff going on that makes me lose my vision for … Continue reading Complicated…

7th Inning Stretch

An Interesting game to say the least. Rule 603a: Catchers throw back to the pitcher, no intent of the batter to interference then the ball is live.  Although, this is a non reviewable play, The Umpires decided to do a Rule check on behalf of request by Blue Jays Manager, John Gibbons. Catchers throw back … Continue reading 7th Inning Stretch

Well, there we have it folks…

It was said many years ago.. THE CUBS WILL WIN THE WORLD SERIES IN 2015!!!  Now, they have knocked out the Cardinals!   Wouldn't it be some Sh!t, if they won.  I am curious as to how many people watched 'Back to the Future' and actually bet on the World Series back then for this … Continue reading Well, there we have it folks…