Look for rainbows..

When I get saddened my eyes actually change colors. They go from the blue to more of a gray.. Its weird.  But, as the saying goes 'when it Rains, look for rainbows. When its dark, look for the stars!' We are all fighting to live so that we can eventually die.. Somedays, doesn't seem worth … Continue reading Look for rainbows..

A Blue Balloon –

This event is everywhere! If you support our Men and Women in blue then you have no reason not to join!!! I want to thank everyone that has joined and shared this event. It has grown to something i never expected! September 30th every single person who knows/ supports / loves an officer step outside … Continue reading A Blue Balloon –

 Sports.. Tigers, Rangers, Foosball…

When did I become such a sports fanatic.. Not even 3 years ago! When everything changed. When everything became more 'open'  I guess? Here's my timeline, NOONE, and I mean NOONE knows until you read this: I liked baseball ALOT, prior to 2012. But, even more, It has become more important than I open up … Continue reading  Sports.. Tigers, Rangers, Foosball…

Where do you go when your lonely?

Well, apparently, a friend of mine goes to jail. SMH. So, the mindless, sleepless blog time became lets give some advice time.   Scenerio: Guy friend, David, just breaks up with girlfriend. Gets drunk, goes to a friend/ex girlfriends, who in return is pissed he drove drunk. Sends him on his way and calls the … Continue reading Where do you go when your lonely?

Life without all the drama.. 

Blogging could get interesting, or I could just sit and go through some of the old blogs and re-publish from back when I marked everything private. But, tonight I have to get no sleep for my EEG in the morning. My mindless, sleepless blogs always tend to bring up some interesting things. Some funny, some … Continue reading Life without all the drama.. 

Feels just like it should

Great time last night tailgating, baseball game, and Pat Green. It's all fun and games until someone leaves their cowboy hat and bag of peanuts unattended and every peanut gets licked and put back in the bag, or thrown at his kid and turned into a peanut fight. The Cowboy hat was also violated. 😂  My … Continue reading Feels just like it should

‘Til it Happens to you’

I don't write as much as I used to on personal Life experiances.  I try to keep my blog light hearted and fun. But tonight, I sat and came across an atricle and song and it hit a bone in me. A chill. A place I didn't wish to replay, but it did. At the … Continue reading ‘Til it Happens to you’

Mr. Rogers lesson

Boys and girls, Mr. Rogers presents Do not call a person a skank- I hear the term.. Not only is it just a stupid and unintelligent word.. You look unintelligent even more so using it..   Definition: Skank- a steady-paced dance performed to reggae music, characterized by rhythmically bending forward, raising the knees, and extending … Continue reading Mr. Rogers lesson