My heart broke.. She is enough!

my heart broke as her tears fell.. I have been there before.. "I'm just not enough. I make sure the kids are happy and taken care of all day and night. I cook I clean. When he needs rest and the kids need entertained, no matter how sick I fee, I get them out of … Continue reading My heart broke.. She is enough!

The more I find myself, the more I lose

Does anyone else have the problem with the more they find themselves, the more they lose around them?  And its not really a bad thing.  Everyday we are changing.  Something around us is always changing.  Whether we can see it or not. But, I am working hard to always make improvements within myself.  Whether its … Continue reading The more I find myself, the more I lose

Let me be myself

Its taking over, Destroying her spirit. Risking her life And future. She looks up to god Asking why here. She pleads to him Just let me be myself. The chemicals inside Taking her over. Not wanting to be loved, Not seen for what shes not. I don't want to be here Selfishly she says. Dont … Continue reading Let me be myself

Yesterday may have been different

If only he'd have called yesterday, Maybe things would be different. She talked and asked him to hear her and just see, Now its to late for him see the indifference's. Now here she is on her knees, tears run down her sad face. No longer staring at that phone, Or wishing there with her … Continue reading Yesterday may have been different

The corner.. Adventures in Babysitting 5

Could you remember as a kid, for those of you who had to, standing in the corner.  It was the worst thing in the world when we were little.  I think at a young age 5 minutes seemed like an eternity.  So here I am with this day time babysitting.  Kids who are not disciplined … Continue reading The corner.. Adventures in Babysitting 5

Lets keep the broomstick out of Arlington..

There it was, Tuesday night.  Wing night, Happy Hour, and not yet time for any sports to be on.  I was sitting at the bar of Buffalo Wild Wings, enjoying a cold beer alone, as I waited for some wings to take home. Rocky came over and asked if I was going through Hockey withdrawals at … Continue reading Lets keep the broomstick out of Arlington..

Give me wings to fly

Sitting in my element Watching planes fly by. The patio her safe place Unable to face past, why? She leaves out the front door Fear faces her mind. No one understands her thoughts as she shuts the door behind. Will they notice her Sad empty soul. Remembering the woman Who was a sunshine and whole. … Continue reading Give me wings to fly

Adventures in Babysitting.. Chapter 4

Last night.. the boy.. Bouncing around all high strung around me saying you want a piece of me, You can't take this, lets go.. blah blah blah. I let him bounce around and talk his talk. When the time was right I reached around his waist pinned his butt to the ground face down with … Continue reading Adventures in Babysitting.. Chapter 4

Never Hide who you are?

Always be yourself. Never try to hide who you are. The only shame is to have shame. Always stand up for what you believe in. Always question what other people tell you. Never regret the past, it’s a waste of time. There’s a reason for everything. Every mistake, every moment of weakness, every terrible thing … Continue reading Never Hide who you are?