And, Tampa Bay takes game 7

The win I hoped for happened last night. Although the NY Rangers were favored. Known to win Game 7's on home Ice. They had a 7-0 record. Bishop came through!  Breaking Lundqvist's six consecutive Game 7 streak.  I was so excited. Now, all I need is for the Ducks to beat the Blackhawks tonight. I … Continue reading And, Tampa Bay takes game 7

Where does your mind wander?

Here I sit,  I sit and ponder. Staring out the window, My mind takes off wader. So, where do you go  when you wonder? Where do you go When you are slipping under. Sun' shining but you can Still hear the soud of Thunder. Where do I go when I wander, Its simply a disconnection. … Continue reading Where does your mind wander?

Arlington Welcomes back the Ham..

Arlington, Texas and Globe Life Park welcomed back Josh Hamilton Last Night with a Standing Ovation, and he gets a 2 base hit on his first up to bat.  Signs to welcome him back that weren't just your typical hand written signs, Signs stating 'Real Fans will welcome him back' and so on..  All out … Continue reading Arlington Welcomes back the Ham..

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Happy Birthday, JFK! Back in School when it came to writing a report on a President or a Biography, Mine was always JFK.  Always.  Just as I had my fascination with Marilyn Monroe.  They kind of went hand in hand, but not really.   Monroe sang the traditional "Happy Birthday to YOU" lyrics in a sultry, intimate … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Reprocessed – Processing Center #95486218152

I posted this earlier, but then I though about it, I processed it.  It still hadn't hit.  Instead I just reprocessed.  Then I thought of the past and the future some more.  It didn't hit me as HEY, you can't have kids.  It hit me as where I have come as far as a woman … Continue reading Reprocessed – Processing Center #95486218152

2015 Tarrant County Heart Walk

For 3 years now I have joined the Tarrant County In the AHA Heart Walk. I hope many of you will be able to contribute in some fashion this year as you have in the past. Whether it be to Join the team and walk, donate or shae to those who will do any of … Continue reading 2015 Tarrant County Heart Walk

Babcock Returns to say his Final Goodbye

Damn, i think I got a tear just reading this. DETROIT - It was unprecedented, and certainly unexpected. But Mike Babcock - who was introduced as the 30th head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs just 24-hours earlier - returned to Joe Louis Arena on Friday to say some final goodbyes and to speak to … Continue reading Babcock Returns to say his Final Goodbye