She’s Just Lonely

I think I have a morphine hangover today, and still in the same amount of horrible pain.. but here I am, working and listening to my music. Today I pick this as my Song of the day.. I have been that woman who didn't love and was just lonely.  It was a horrible feeling and … Continue reading She’s Just Lonely

When you just can’t sleep.

Read silly lists!  I came across this one and although I do nor own Ay of thee but tis was fun. Sex toys, we’re guessing everyone knows what they are. For those who don’t, here’s a brief description: toys you use when having sex or intercourse. They don’t mean “use your wife’s dildo as a … Continue reading When you just can’t sleep.

Me, Oh, Me, Oh My.. 

Was too good to be true that things were getting under control, stabled out, ect. Regarding my health. Finally out of hospitals and doctors evey other week. Now its 2 ER trips and then a Urologist. Whoop- Whoop! As most of you probably saw: Ir was another joyful day. I got to visit with the … Continue reading Me, Oh, Me, Oh My.. 

7th inning Stretch

Sing with me: " The stars at night, *clap clap clap clap* are big and bright,*clap clap clap clap* Deep in the Heart of Texas... " *clap clap clap clap* I need a 7th inning stretch!! I have baseball fever, I believe. I think this week with the Rangers in towin Imay catch me a … Continue reading 7th inning Stretch

7 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Accept That They’re Emotional Beings

7 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Accept That They’re Emotional Beings 1. They do not accept anybody else’s ideas of the ways in which they need to remain small. If I had to pick one word to define the cultural narrative of “what women should be,” I’d pick “small.” In stature, in opinion, in voice. … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Accept That They’re Emotional Beings

The weekend recap in the Stanley Cup

Who's in and Who's out? The Weekend is over and it was an interesting on for the NHL Fans in the world.  Three more teams advanced on to Round Two of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Saturday Night Chicago Blackhawks and the Calgary Flame sent home Nashville's Predators and the Vancouver Canucks. Then followed by … Continue reading The weekend recap in the Stanley Cup


You were that whiskey running through my veins You were that first sweet taste of Mary Jane All alone in the darkness watching my hands shake But they don’t have a rehab for heartbreak It’s your blue sundress with the strap falling off of your shoulder It’s that all night moonlight drive, you saying baby … Continue reading Withdrawls

Don’t stuff down your feelings.

Because every time I think Ive learned and overcome it... I have forgotten.. -dg Don’t stuff down your feelings. Don’t pretend to feel what you don’t feel. Be honest with yourself. Be real about your pain. You’ve suffered so much trying to hold it in all these years. Don’t suffer alone anymore. Don’t stay silent … Continue reading Don’t stuff down your feelings.

7 unusual causes of anxiety

Anxiety is a common emotion to feel, particularly before an exam or making a presentation in publc. In its purest state, it is akin to excessive worrying, thoughts racing through the head, and feeling super stressed! If you constantly feel this way however, you could have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are considered forms of … Continue reading 7 unusual causes of anxiety