Thank you peace

Best 11:50PM e mail You will begin to heal when you start to let go of regrets, forgive those who have hurt you and learn to forgive yourself. With time and courage you will be able to tell your story without pain in your heart, ache in your soul and without tears flowing down your … Continue reading Thank you peace

It doesn’t have to be so lonely

Here I sit. I cooked dinner and just left it in the oven. I didnt feel like eating alone. In talking to a what seens now distant friend earlier whom is about to move, I said at any rate this time next year I myself may be back in Michigan or elsewhere if my friends … Continue reading It doesn’t have to be so lonely

Jobs.. Im worried I may need one..

And as I sit enjoying my liquid dinner, I login to my wordpress and here is the headline on my Reader: Brothel Wants to Hire Someone to Have Sex with Prostitutes I guess Mama raised me to have too many morals.. LMAO or to be to smart (looks at the diplomas on the wall)  Shit! … Continue reading Jobs.. Im worried I may need one..

Walking out the front door…

Is always the hardest part.  Its a start though.   It gets you on the right path to a new beginning, A healthier life.  From there, It's one foot in front of the other.  One step at a time.  Its not how fast you run, how far you go, or how far one day gets you.  … Continue reading Walking out the front door…

Dreamers and Idealists

Empathetic people - Dreamers & idealists - Have this sort of accidental power.  Most spend their early years ridden with self-doubt, insecurity, and people pleasing habits.  But their journey is inevitably derailed when this comfortable life gets uprooted by an unexpected darkness.  Suddenly their trusted methods no longer seem to bring them happiness.  At first … Continue reading Dreamers and Idealists