Why Do We Stay With Those Who Hurt Us?

3 HOURS AGO Why Do We Stay With Those Who Hurt Us? Anita Chandra ShutterstockThey manipulate us, put us down, stifle our self-esteem and make us feel like we’re worthless, yet we still stay. Why?http://cm.g.doubleclick.net/push?client=ca-pub-7691234141407585<script type="text/javascript">(function(){var h=this,aa=function(a){var b=typeof a;if("object"==b)if(a){if(a instanceof Array)return"array";if(a instanceof Object)return b;var c=Object.prototype.toString.call(a);if("[object Window]"==c)return"object";if("[object Array]"==c||"number"==typeof a.length&&"undefined"!=typeof a.splice&&"undefined"!=typeof a.propertyIsEnumerable&&!a.propertyIsEnumerable("splice"))return"array";if("[object Function]"==c||"undefined"!=typeof a.call&&"undefined"!=typeof a.propertyIsEnumerable&&!a.propertyIsEnumerable("call"))return"function"}else return"null";else if("function"==b&&"undefined"==typeof a.call)return"object";return … Continue reading Why Do We Stay With Those Who Hurt Us?


http://youtu.be/zJxgrSCZJ1s If you really listen to this song it is a powerful song.  The word are a deeper meaning. Why would we leave the stage in the middle of the song?? Some 'get it', some do not. Depression is a disease that affects many. I tried to leave in the middle of that song. For … Continue reading Why?

Thank you, Cosmo! 

And..Pornhub  you always humor my life it seems.. FEB 27, 2015 SEX & RELATIONSHIPSSoon, You'll Be Able to Charge Your Phone by MasturbatingThe Wankband runs on "dirty energy" and can be used to charge devices.By Frank KobolaPorn HubThose geniuses over at Porn Hub have given you something to do while you wait for you phone to charge: masturbate.The … Continue reading Thank you, Cosmo! 

Love and Marr… POW!

Love.. Marriage.. Money.. How about we all just love and keep our money.  I have mixed feelings and emotions here.  I have been married and divorced.  I have since then been engaged and watched him go through a divorce when we first started dating with kids involved.  Not only was it expensive.  I realized I … Continue reading Love and Marr… POW!