Keep pushing, don’t look back.

Found another notebook, there were alot of ripped pages. . This was written Oct 4 2012. And now the paper burns I showed so much love I showed compassion. But, life itself and Your love was rationed. We were no good For each other. But knew we'd Never want another. The game became of Cat … Continue reading Keep pushing, don’t look back.

Tiggers, Or is it Triggers

I wish it was a story of whinny the pooh. Ah Triggers, I make notes in my head of my depression, now of the seizures and the other stuff my PCP manages for me.  I st at home all week, all day, all night.  It can get depressing, the sit and wait game is depressing, … Continue reading Tiggers, Or is it Triggers

Don’t judge me..

So therapy today was all over the place for me, from emails of from my ex, lies, thought of some things of the past, my health and frustrations and depression of all of it, and talks of all the good thing the past few weeks, and more to come. I was told that my ex … Continue reading Don’t judge me..

Poem: The Punisher

 The punisherShe lived with a punisherHe could not be seen.But if some bad appeared.He became mean.He's stepped inside her mind,He took over her soul. He knew she was An easy target.Her abuse and blameShe was tender hearted.Slowly he sits her downLeaning up against the wall.Bit by bit he severs,Skin open for all. The blood slowly … Continue reading Poem: The Punisher