Write your Chapter

Each morning is a new day, a new chapter in your book of life. You are in control. Don't let idiots ruin your day. This is your story so write it. Write the bad and destroy the page if you must to rid of it in your mind and soul.  We all know life isn't … Continue reading Write your Chapter

What am I becoming?

I feel empty, I feel cold. So many lies told to me in the last 3 months alone, and hurtful, hateful ones at that. I shouldn't care and should take it for what it is and what these people show me they are. But I did care. Now I sit mainly with a life of … Continue reading What am I becoming?

Two faced people need not apply

If there is one thing I hate, its two-faced people. Not sure if it pisses me off or hurts more that I trust people, that they straight out lie to me. Its cool, find out who your friends are. Don't tell me you hate someone, glad they are out of my life, how you dont … Continue reading Two faced people need not apply

Take my pain

I promise Im not a complainer. Those who know all I have going on can be the first to tell you and even those are very few because I'm a private kinda person. I'd rather be my goofy unicorn talking, ninja talking, BS talking self facebook and my private stuff on my new blog Just … Continue reading Take my pain

Not where I want to be

Miserable feeling - had a whole body muscle jerk episode last night, since then back is killing me to move. About in tears when lifted arm over my head a minute ago. Wont to that again. The worst is when on the outside you look fine and healthy and on the inside you feel like … Continue reading Not where I want to be

Go and hide your Crazy

Its what I am, not who I am.. and even crazy is not the word.. its an illness.  Depression is an illness a disorder, Something that you can't see but its there deep, but sometimes I feel like its going to make me crazy.  Right now its with All these doctors appointments, tests and so … Continue reading Go and hide your Crazy