Acceptance, No judgement passed

It is great that for the time in life I have a good support group to get through. Last night after MrI, friend/coworker, knew me coming home wasn't best. So as they were getting off work they invited me to dinner at BWW.  Had a few beers, Talked of work, my doctors and all that … Continue reading Acceptance, No judgement passed

When is ENOUGH really ENOUGH?

People say "when is enough, enough?". If I have learned anything it never has been obviously in others eyes. You may be giving all you possibly can.. But, Its never enough. They want more, expect more, get upset when you aren't able to give, etc.For me right now, The only one I have to ask … Continue reading When is ENOUGH really ENOUGH?

Depression – strikes back

As we all know, Depression is not who we are, it is what we have as any other illness. It can be maintained with medications but that does not mean it is gone 100% and you will never have it in your life again.  Seems unfair right?  I believe so.  No one DESERVES the chemical … Continue reading Depression – strikes back

I forgive you, I forgive myself

Forgiveness is letting go of the pain and accepting what has happened because it will not change. Forgiveness is dismissing the blame. Choices were made that caused the hurt; we each could have chosen differently, but we didn't. Forgiveness is looking at the pain , learning the lessons it has produced , and understanding what … Continue reading I forgive you, I forgive myself

May 20, 2014 Gemini

You have a desire to investigate some of the mysteries of life. You could be interested in the occult and this in turn will bring to the surface memories or impressions of your past that are affecting your present situation. It is a cycle of positive transformation and of freedom, but you've got to be … Continue reading May 20, 2014 Gemini

3 Benefits if changing life’s direction – Wayne Dyer

Changing Life Direction If we persistently listen to the demands of the ego, we move away from our Source of being. The ego insists on pursuing more: more stuff, accomplishments, status, triumphs, and money.More is the mantra of the ego, fueling endless striving with a false promise of eventually arriving. However, every assured arrival point … Continue reading 3 Benefits if changing life’s direction – Wayne Dyer

Just Bleh…

Don't know what is wrong today, well a few things, but nothing to have me down and out.  My hand is killing me, My doctors appointment tomorrow is on my mind with yet another specialist.  Just sitting here in the quiet watching my cat sleep in front of me and getting some work done. But, … Continue reading Just Bleh…

You know when..

Your therapy sessions become of talking about your cat, biscuits, that either you are doing better, avoiding the rest of treatment, or your cat really is an asshole..LOL. Biscuits has this thing with climbing on his food feeder and dumping it, then he goes to the kitchen to his water and drags it with his … Continue reading You know when..