She wants her toes in the sand

She opened her eyes to see The situation at hand. Roams the world, Not sure what future is planned. She laughs when she wants to cry, She wants to feel her toes in the sand. Her and life are never perfect, But she wants to be loved on this land. To feel the wind in … Continue reading She wants her toes in the sand

CONNECT with YOU There’s a thousand miles between us As I feel your breath on my skin There are so many things I want to say But I don’t know how to beginI want to connect with you Over the oceans and back to the truth I want to connect with you I’m standing right beside you … Continue reading CONNECT with YOU


Hello family, friends, stalkers and the indifferent judgementalist. SO today I noticed I have 7 followers. MY biggest supporter and fan being my Uncle Kenny, my dads brother. He is the one I spoke of during my rough time of adjusting to lfe and meds that I swore had received some sort of sign to … Continue reading Waves..

On rape, molestation and the past

Couldnt have said it better.. he speaks of being raped.. I relate from molestation as a child and rape as a young woman. And, in general on the past. I still carry the wrds around that were said to me as a teen when I thought I was safe in Texas, and the words said … Continue reading On rape, molestation and the past

The new ford sloth

Haha ♥♡ Corey Taylor in music talent and n this book "Seven Deadly Sins" "ITS Funny how things work out sometimes. There are proponents who maintain that we are all products of two different variables: genetics and enviroment.  This saying we are one art who we are born to be and one art what we … Continue reading The new ford sloth

A Day Without You

great poem, I understand it completly

A Single Mom's Bits and Pieces

A day without you is like a moment without air,

      like one day without food and a week without water…

A day without you is like a month without sunshine or shelter…

A day without your voice is like a year with the absence of music,

       of birds, and of the rain and thunder…

A day without your comfort is a week without sleep,

        for my heart gets no rest, and my nights are restless..

A day without your love make my days empty of beauty…

 Although I see things which they call beautiful around me,

        none of them compare with the colorful world you give me as I gaze at your face…

A day without speaking with you is like years alone in the wilderness…

A day without you is like a year in…

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Your mind is like an expressway

The mind is like an expressway. It goes north and south east and west. It gets traffic jams. It gets polluted. The mind is like an expressway You love it and you hate it. It takes you to the higher road. It takes you on a lower road. You mind is like an expressway. Spinning … Continue reading Your mind is like an expressway

“deadly relationship sins!”

Watch those “deadly relationship sins!” by Dr. Nicholas Jenner Continuing my current series on couples counseling, I would like to look at some of the "deadly sins" Nothing is perfect and that goes for relationships too. In the best of intimate relationships, there are those subtle and not so subtle signs that harmony is being disrupted. Some … Continue reading “deadly relationship sins!”

Black Sunshine – Once In My Life

Heaven sends me, wait a day* I guess I'm lucky for once in my life I thought I'd see you once again my friend But I guess it's not my time Better start thinking twice For once in my life So I will remember and not take another day for Granted, let's face it Better … Continue reading Black Sunshine – Once In My Life