When all hope is gone..

A poem I found that I started a while back for a friend. When all hope is gone, and you can't seem to see the dawn. When faith has left you clueless, The future seems to be viewless. When love has failed your heart, You wonder whats the next start. Hold your head up high, … Continue reading When all hope is gone..

From independent to codependent to chemically imbalanced

My writing is my outlet on life, when no one can understand and even I can't understand.. and I won't lie.. this stuff has me scared when the attacks happen, I'm scared. I'm just a woman who means nothing but good even when people don't see it. Most of all - I'm human. I have a dark … Continue reading From independent to codependent to chemically imbalanced

More homework

Codependency - A Matter of ControlCodependency, for others, doesn't express itself in a desire to control, but instead, in the need to be controlled by others. Because it is nearly impossible for Codependents to say "no" to people, they may find themselves the victims in physically and emotionally abusive relationships. They believe that if they … Continue reading More homework

Developing Healthy Detachment – Inner Wisdom

http://positive-thoughts.typepad.com/inner_wisdom/2012/09/developing-healthy-detachment.html From independant to co dependant. I was once ao strong and independant. After leaving my first marriage i found who i really was. I learned to look out for myself, learned to be me and a free spirit. To be happy with myself, to love and respect myself. This article helped me realize alot. … Continue reading Developing Healthy Detachment – Inner Wisdom