Something I found written in 2006 originally.

Finding old writing is sometimes pretty cool.. I wrote this on Wednesday, July 08, 2009, Off the notes I found written on a piece of paper back in 2006. you can tell it was a "quick' writing where I just jotted stuff down. Not organized at all. Life's Goals (Add: this was in a moment that died) Current mood:  gloomyToday … Continue reading Something I found written in 2006 originally.


complacency updated Current mood:  understimulated Category: Romance and Relationships was posted on 12.13.08 but completely redone on 2.4.09 What is complacency? a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc. Theres only one problem with this when … Continue reading Complacency..

He arrived: Long Frog Signal

Long Frog Signal: the traveling pirate tag Shipped from: The geocaching Shop 121 Farrar Court Stour FeltHam TW13 6LD The traveling pirate tag, Long Frog Signal, has arrived as he started his journey from Feltham, Middlesex TW13 6LD.  He was given directions on how to get to us on July 14th by Pita Page. Born on May … Continue reading He arrived: Long Frog Signal

The greatest man I ever knew…

It used to be when I was having a moment, I would write about it, but now I write what covers that moment and puts me in a better safer place.. As a small child I dreamed of the fairy tales and prince charmings, the white horse, The life of a princess.  And here he was showing … Continue reading The greatest man I ever knew…

July 23, 2011- Geocaching Roadtrip

**Thank you to Pita for having a great format on his blog for me to steal so I could have all the correct codes and then from there I was able to produce my own blog from the trip.** Gorman Falls at Colorado Bend State Park Geocaching adventure Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 This is our, I … Continue reading July 23, 2011- Geocaching Roadtrip

Apple computers?!?!?!

Well that's what I should be studying about, but instead I'm sitting here just thinking about writing, blah blah blahing to myself, and how Its 9:30 so I have about 30 minutes to even get it done.  I have just spent 2 hours inventorying Pitas Monster Trucks, I still need to clean the kitchen and fold … Continue reading Apple computers?!?!?!

As we grow older with time.. time becomes all we have..

We all realize and frequently say that "being a kid was not so bad after all". How true that is as we face day-to-day challenges with our careers, our relationships with others, our own personal issues, etc. As I deal with more things in life I find my self even in this very moment laughing … Continue reading As we grow older with time.. time becomes all we have..

Quote the quoted:

Quotations I'm a Quotations person I guess.. I simply love them. Both words of others and words of my own. I read these pretty often as advice in a sense."They say love. Conqures all.. but if your unwilling to look past the little things hold grudges, not forgive, your only showing that the love wasn't … Continue reading Quote the quoted:

Observing the outside human behavior

Its funny how quickly people will pass judgement. Especially those who know and SAY they love you. What about the ones who dont take the time to know you and just want you to be what they So called SEE, the perception they make. Its funny how you can have dozens of reasons your happy … Continue reading Observing the outside human behavior

Social networking…

Whatever happened to the good old fashion forum/message boards without all the drama and bs that places like FB and myspace bring. Like the AFWGAG board I helped run. Those were good times with Sandi and others. Maybe Iim just growing old and realizing my time is valuable. So many good thing going for me … Continue reading Social networking…

Some ‘family’ cache… July 16, 2011

Our first adventure with the kids on a road trip.  We were sceptiacl as to how it would go, but all in all the trip went decent, except for the heat.  We loaded up the car and headed toward Corsicana, Texas to find caches along the way. WeOweNoMo July 16, 2011 | 12:29 PM Arrived at … Continue reading Some ‘family’ cache… July 16, 2011